Evaluate MicroNFCStack

In order to evaluate the stack, we provide you with a firmware generator that will allow you to generate a sample firmware to try out the Android app communication demo.

The generator can produce firmware compatible with the PN512 and PN532 transceivers and the LPC11U24 and LPC1768 microcontrollers.

As a starting point we recommend you use a mbed board and a NXP PN512 demo board or Adafruit PN532 board.

Adafruit offers a mbed LPC1768 + PN532 board bundle.

Simple communication with an Android app

This example demonstrates how to communicate with an Android app, from which you can retrieve the value of a timer and set the status of 4 LEDs on your board. 
Generate evaluation firmware

NFC-controlled Mood Lamp

With this demo, you can control a mood lamp with your smartphone. Just connect three LEDs to your board's PWM outputs to get started.
Generate evaluation firmware